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With instruction available in English or Tshivenḓa, Gudani Tshivenḓa offers a complete guide to mastering Tshivenḓa for practical purposes for both non native speakers and native speakers.


Be it in the middle of a conversation, reading or writing you can lookup for a meaning of a word or phrase. If the word is not yet enlisted you will soon get a notification that it has been added.


Test your knowledge of Tshivenḓa by participating in random quiz. In the Leaderboard you are able to see how you fare against all other users of the Gudani Tshivenḓa.


New words are added on a daily basis as we continue with our research of Tshivenḓa. In the near future Gudani Tshivenḓa will feature audio to assist with pronounciation.

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Gudani Tshivenḓa was developed to provide a one stop tool for both Tshivenḓa first language speakers and second language speakers.
#Tshivenḓa tsho Ṱambaho

Gudani Tshivenḓa was developed by dzumbu - @dzumbu - for Musuku Africa.

Gudani Tshivenḓa was developed for anyone who has an interest in learning Tshivenḓa.Whether you are Venda or not, there is a lot in store for you to learn in this App. This includes words meanings, phrases, sayings and idioms.

Gudani Tshivenḓa(Learn Tshivenḓa) is your friend in the journey of learning Tshivenḓa. This App includes quizzes to test your progress in learning Tshivenḓa.

We welcome your input, contributions, suggestions and queries on the further development of the Learn Tshivenḓa App.

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Get Gudani Tshivenḓa for Android now from PlayStore