If you are reading this from the app, thank you for downloading Gudani Tshivenḓa app . If you are reading this from our website we urge you to download the app for the best user experience. Our iOS users can expect a version for Apple devices soon.

We will be publishing lessons designed to take you through the journey to mastering Tshivenḓa. The lessons are predominantly aimed at non-Tshivenḓa speakers and in the early stages will be predominantly in English until such time we expect our readers to be able to grasp materials written or taught in Tshivenḓa. Lessons will come in different formats including YouTube videos and cartoon animations amongst others.

In the long run even Tshivenḓa speakers will find these lessons beneficial and enriching to their knowledge of their mother tongue.

Look out for our first lesson next week. We welcome feedback and suggestions.

Thank you


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